The Whole Life Supplements Tips For A Healthy Gut

Probiotics are a fairly new field of medical health study, but nearly every medical professional agrees that Probiotics are key to your gut health. Most people are aware that foods like yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut are full of these healthy bacterial strains, but did you know that these other common foods are also full of probiotics?

  1. Green Peas Contain Probiotics That Support Your Immune SystemGreen Peas – One of the newest discoveries in probiotic foods. In December 2013, Japanese researchers found that green peas contain Leuconostoc mesenteroides, a strain of good bacteria with high IgA-inducing ability. This means that green peas help to build your immune system and may be able to help your body fight off infections and colds. Remember not to cook them, because that kills all the probiotics, use them raw in a salad.
  2. Dark Chocolate Containg 4 x The Probiotics of Other Dairy ProductsDark Chocolate – Like we needed another reason to love chocolate. Manufacturers have found that they can add up to four times the amount of probiotics to chocolate than is found in other forms of dairy and a 2010 study found those probiotics are far more likely to survive the trip through your stomach than those added to other forms of liquid dairy.
  3. Fermented Cheeses Contain Probiotics That Support Your Immune System & Blood PressureCheese – Cheese is an all time favorite food of many people, but did you know that certain types of fermented cheeses like Parmesan, Gouda and Swiss contains probiotic strains that are capable of surviving the GI tract and helping build up your good bacteria in the gut. Daily consumptions of these cheeses has been shown to increase immune system markers and have a positive effect on blood pressure.

The team at The Whole Life Supplements believes that a healthy diet is key to a healthy life, but realizes that there is a major nutritional gap between what people eat (even with a good diet) and what they need to be healthy. Their new line of Probiotics is a great step towards Eliminating The Nutritional Gap™ in many people’s gut health.

Is there a person out there who thinks they have a perfect diet and are getting all the nutrition they need? “The whole idea is to help people feel confident they are getting everything they need to live a full and healthy life” says Richard Matthews, a family man turned business owner and co-founder of The Whole Life Supplements. He believes that “adding a few key high quality supplements to your diet can dramatically improve your feeling of health and well-being”. One of the supplements that everyone should be taking is a probiotic.

Probiotics are not just for people with GI Tract or Stomach problems. Probiotics are being heralded by the medical community as a the “future of preventative medicine”. We are still in the midst of discovery for all of the health benefits that probiotics bring. Since probiotic foods are very tiny portion of the typical American diet, The Whole Life Supplements believes that bring high quality probiotic supplements to market is key to increasing the health of American citizens.

The Whole Life Supplements Probitiocs Are A Great Way To Supplement Your Good Bacterian IntakeThe The Whole Life Supplements probiotic comes in a 100% earth friendly recyclable bottle and is designed specially with a potent probiotic strain called Unique IS-2. This strain is not heat sensitive, so it can be kept in the cabinet, purse, or luggage with the rest of your supplements so it’s easy to remember. Their probiotic also contains a powerful PREbiotic called Nutra-Flora P95 which acts as a food source for the probiotics and allows them to thrive and colonize in your gut providing a long lasting benefit to your health.

Each bottle of The Whole Life Supplements Probiotic is only $35 and available from or

After hundreds of hours of research on healthy eating, healthy diets, and supplementation, in an attempt to find the best ways to keep his young family healthy, Mr. Matthews realized that even healthy diets would leave his family with a nutritional gap and that high quality supplementation was absolutely necessary to eliminate it.

He ran into a problem when trying to find supplements he was comfortable taking himself and giving to his family through.

“So many supplements are full of terrible ingredients and chemicals that really aren’t good for your health” he says “or they are lab produced synthetic junk that your body can’t process anyway.”

About a year ago he went into business himself with a couple of partners. “I was tired of looking and decided to just create my own line of supplements that I could both be proud of and be willing to take myself & give to my family.”

The result is The Whole Life Supplements. A line of healthy supplements that use high quality ingredients, high quality manufacturing practices, and earth friendly packaging and shipping materials.

Make A Difference When You Purchase with The Whole Life Supplements With Vitmain AngelsIf that wasn’t enough, the team at The Whole Life Supplements also believes in giving back. So they donate a percentage of every sale to Vitamin Angels. This organization saves lives around the world daily by helping children and parents in poor areas overcome nutritional deficiency with essential vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin Angels says that just $.25 is enough to provide one child with life saving vitamins and minerals for one year. “We make sure that we donate enough from each and every sale to save a life” say Mr. Matthews.

We invite you to Eliminate the Nutritional Gap™ both in your life and in the lives of children in need around the world by purchasing a bottle of our Probiotics today.